Hybrid Methodology for Software Implementation

Benefits of using hybrid methodologies in time-boxed, fixed cost and variable scope projects Projects in which time and cost are fixed and scope keeps changing, we need to be sure that team performs well and delivers a high-quality product on time. Senior Managers of the company needs to make sure that team uses right methodology, right practices…Read more Hybrid Methodology for Software Implementation

Project Planning in Scrum and XP

Turn your project plan to an effective plan by incorporating a few practices of Scrum & XP A well-defined roadmap creates a solid foundation for any project, and that is done by creating a project plan at the start of every project. Regardless of methodology used or recommended, planning is necessary for making any project…Read more Project Planning in Scrum and XP

‘Definition of Done’ – A complete Checklist for your project

How it is defined? A practice that lists sets criteria for various activities to be performed in a project to check if all the activities are completed. It can also be termed as a checklist of a product deliverables and a way to report the status of these deliverables due to other team members. According…Read more ‘Definition of Done’ – A complete Checklist for your project

All about burndown charts!

How burndown charts are defined? Burndown chart is a way of visually measuring a team’s progress on a daily basis to keep a project on track in order to achieve the required goal. The amount of work remaining in a project is then visible to all the team members and management. If there is any unexpected…Read more All about burndown charts!

Importance of Maintaining Quality in Projects – Quality Management in Scrum

Why projects need to develop product with high quality? Quality!! An integral part of any project within an organization. For successfully delivering a product, teams make sure that they develop a quality product within given time frame. Scrum, an agile methodology was introduced to be used in any small or big projects, when requirements keep changing. When requirements keep changing…Read more Importance of Maintaining Quality in Projects – Quality Management in Scrum