Difference between Agile, Scrum & XP

Agile It is a methodology that is used an alternative to Project Management. It can be seen as an umbrella term for  a set of methods and practices defined within a project based on core values of a company. Scrum is a subset of agile and XP is also an agile approach to focus on…Read more Difference between Agile, Scrum & XP

Hybrid Methodology for Software Implementation

Benefits of using hybrid methodologies in time-boxed, fixed cost and variable scope projects Projects in which time and cost are fixed and scope keeps changing, we need to be sure that team performs well and delivers a high-quality product on time. Senior Managers of the company needs to make sure that team uses right methodology, right practices…Read more Hybrid Methodology for Software Implementation

‘Definition of Done’ – A complete Checklist for your project

How it is defined? A practice that lists sets criteria for various activities to be performed in a project to check if all the activities are completed. It can also be termed as a checklist of a product deliverables and a way to report the status of these deliverables due to other team members. According…Read more ‘Definition of Done’ – A complete Checklist for your project

All about burndown charts!

How burndown charts are defined? Burndown chart is a way of visually measuring a team’s progress on a daily basis to keep a project on track in order to achieve the required goal. The amount of work remaining in a project is then visible to all the team members and management. If there is any unexpected…Read more All about burndown charts!