About me

I am a Software Management student at Carnegie Mellon University and trying to explore new ways of learning.

I want to connect with people by sharing knowledge and my experiences. Although I am active on almost all social networking sites, but I strongly feel that writing a blog will help me convey my thoughts and learnings in most productive way.

Moreover, being in Silicon Valley I’ll have an enormous advantage of being in the company of like-minded peers and learning from teachers who are accomplished and experienced. There are so many brilliant minds here at Carnegie Mellon and we get to meet entrepreneurs from all over the world, who come to CMU for sharing their experiences with us.  I always feel the rush of gaining every ounce of knowledge and share with people who want to explore this domain, but do not get opportunity or have resources to reach to these people. I hope to be inspired to push my limits and make friends with people who have a similar drive to use technology as a means to make the world a little better.

I love to travel and explore new places whenever possible. I have visited some of the amazing places in different countries and captured their serene beauty and hopefully continue for the rest of my life. I enjoy making new friends and keeping in touch with them wherever I go.

I believe our following passions and hobbies always keeps us energetic to try new things in life. I make sure that I take out time everyday to do extra activities that I like (hobbies/gym), and I definitely feel more positive about myself and for trying out new things.  Writing a blog was something that I never thought of doing; but now that I have started writing, I can’t wait to write more. I am learning at every step of my life where in the past, I got opportunities to work with great people who shared their insights with me, and now I am understanding about creating new products in silicon valley from the finest educators of Carnegie Mellon that can solve genuine problems of people. I hope this helps people in learning the same.

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