Connecting the unconnected…


Product | Project | Program Manager

A Software Management student with expertise in Product & Project Management, Software Engineering, Product Design and Business Analysis.
My Work Strategy
Research | Plan | Strategize | Design | Build | Test | Refine | Launch

Ideation & Research

Understand the need, Empathize with customers, Conduct usability survey, Identify user persona, Explore target market, Analyze competitive landscape, Define requirements

Gantt Chart.png
Plan & Strategize

Prepare Poject roadmap, Identify Scope, Prioritize tasks, Plan execution strategy, Finalize business plan and scope, Clarify development approach, Identify marketing and sales tactics

Test Tube.png
Build & Test

Build a prototype, Gather feedback, Communicate with end user, Effectively communicate to development and testing team, Perform A/B testing, Conduct retrospective

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Refine & Launch

Resolve risks and issues, Prepare go-to-market strategy, Identify pre and post launch activities, Launch, Iterate the process, Continue testing, Enhance final product